Privacy FAQs

What is privacy all about?

Privacy (which is also known as Personal Information Management or PIM) is the discipline of handling personal information in a strictly controlled manner, to meet the following objectives:

Why should I care about privacy?

Your personal information is extremely important and there are a number of threats associated with the inappropriate disclosure and/or use of your information, including:

According to the UK Fraud Prevention Service (CIFAS), nearly two thirds of all fraud is the direct result of account takeovers, impersonation and the misuse of personal details. To reduce the risks, you must treat your personal information with great care and only disclose it if you feel confident that it will be handled appropriately.

Is my personal information safe with Sony?

While the safety of your personal information can never be 100% guaranteed, we take privacy extremely seriously and adopt many measures to minimise the risks, including:

What can I do to protect my personal information?

There are a number of measures that you can take to protect your personal information, including:

Use strong passwords for all your online accounts:

Don't automatically trust every web site or email which asks you to provide your personal information. Take time to check that the request is valid, and that the personal information requested is absolutely necessary for the services that you are looking to use

Why has Sony Europe created a privacy portal?

The Sony Europe privacy portal aims to provide one place to find all the information you need about how we handle your personal information. There are a few key objectives:

How can I sign up to receive Sony promotions and offers via email?

There are a number of ways to sign up for our exciting newsletters, including:

Note that other Sony group companies will have their own newsletters.

How can I stop Sony from sending me promotions and offers via email?

There are a number of ways to stop us sending you our newsletters, including:

You should also note that:

How do I know who is responsible for looking after my personal information?

The responsibility for your personal information should be made clear when any personal information is collected. If in doubt, contact us and ask.