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navigate in a modern office

Why Nimway?

Nimway is an easy-to-use smart office solution that helps you find available meeting rooms, locate your colleagues and find your way around a large workspace.

Floorplan screens

Digital floorplans help employees navigate the workspace. Our unique solution shows relevant, personalised information in real time. Simply walk up to a floorplan to see where to go.

Find colleagues

In a modern workplace people may not stay at the same desk all day. Locate colleagues with a simple search in the user-friendly mobile app.

Find available rooms

Nimway shows you which meeting rooms are available, in the mobile app and on the digital floorplans – so you can find a workspace to suit your needs.

Find your way around

Navigating a large workplace can be a challenge. Nimway intuitively shows you the way to rooms, workplaces and equipment.

Company benefits

Nimway encourages a dynamic and spontaneous working style for increased productivity, innovation and reduced time waste in everyday work tasks.

Employee benefits

Nimway acts as a personal assistant guiding you through the work day. Our goal is happier and less stressed employees who can focus on their core business.

Workplace benefits

Nimway lets facility managers make data derived decisions to continuously improve the work place utilization, manage cost and improve employee satisfaction.

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