Nimway from Sony is a complete smart office solution for the people-centred workplace. Acting as your personal assistant throughout the workday, it facilitates many otherwise time-consuming tasks, like finding your way to a meeting room, locating a colleague or booking a desk.

Why Nimway?

When you choose Nimway, our team takes care of everything from design to installation, commissioning, monitoring and support. Requiring minimal attention, the system is hassle-free for business owners and guarantees a great user experience for employees. And, since every company’s situation is different, we gladly tailor-make a unique solution to match your needs.


The Nimway ecosystem

The Nimway ecosystem consists of mobile apps for Android and iOS, room panels and digital floorplans. It can be connected to all standard calendar systems, such as Office 365, Exchange and Google Suite. Leveraging Sony’s patented world class indoor positioning solution, Nimway is powered by Bluetooth beacons and wireless occupancy sensors. It contains one of the best meeting-room sensor systems in the market, developed by Sony, to provide almost instant vacancy detection when the last person leaves a room.

Digital floorplans and the Nimway mobile app help you navigate the office in a simple and intuitive way.
Meeting rooms can be booked via the Nimway app, or the ‘room panels’ which are placed on the walls outside meeting rooms. Book in advance or on the fly.
With Nimway, you can clearly see all the available rooms in your office.
Easily locate your colleagues within the office space. Of course, employees can choose to hide their visibility when they don’t want to be disturbed.
Save time by using the Nimway app to book a desk before you leave home. If you’re already at the office, find a free desk on the app or digital floorplan. Learn more…
Nimway uses your location data to calculate the time it will take to get to your next meeting, and sends you a ‘time-to-leave’ notification.
With Nimway, you can easily report breakdowns, cleaning needs or equipment malfunctions and send them to your facility services – along with a photo if needed.
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The changing role of the office, post-COVID

A Nimway – WorkTech Academy survey

Are you thinking about reopening your office in the near future? We firmly believe that in order to transition back successfully, business owners will need to listen to their employees’ experiences of the pandemic, to understand how their attitudes have evolved, and devise more flexible workplace strategies for the future. Find out what employees have to say.

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Going back, safely

What can you do to ensure the successful implementation of social distancing guidelines and cleaning routines in the workplace? How can you help employees feel more confident about their return to the office?

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Optimise your space

Reduce your CO2 footprint

Nimway’s biggest sustainability contribution is to help companies make better use of their existing office space, thereby reducing the need for extensions or new buildings. Since construction is heavily resource-intensive, avoiding unnecessary building projects helps keep your carbon footprint in check.

How does it work? The occupancy data and insights generated by Nimway allow facility managers to identify and then repurpose under-utilized areas, or to calculate the exact number of desks needed per person. Often, this means that instead of putting up a new building, space issues can be solved through reorganization.

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